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EV Charging

Charging is available @ 50p per kWh.
**Please bring your own Type 2 Charging Lead**

There are two ways to initiate charging:

Download the Monta app via Google Play or Apple App Store

Start a charge via Monta app
If you are already a Monta user, you can easily start a charge from the Monta app.
1. Open the Monta Map and select a charge point
2. Click to open the charge point
3. Select or add your car (optional)
4. Click on “Go to payment”
5.Click on “Add
6. payment method”
7. Select an available payment method or add a bank card
8. Slide to start charging

Start a charge via QR sticker
Scan the QR sticker on the charge point and start a charge whether or not you have a Monta account! Here is how you do that:
1. Scan the QR sticker with
2. your phone camera or NFC
◦ If you have the Monta app, it will open on your phone (see step above)
3. Add your email and read and accept Terms of Use
4. Click on Continue to payment
5. Select from the payment methods available on your device or add a bank card
6. Swipe to start charging

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