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Are You Still Closed?

Yes, we are still closed…..The regulations in Wales are very different to England. We are still quite locked down, with the border between England and Wales effectively “closed” until further notice.

I have received a few enquiries about booking holidays this summer. At the moment, the Gors-lwyd Calendar is blocked out for the summer. This does not mean that Gors-lwyd is chock-a-block with bookings. I have blocked off the calendar as I cannot open for business. I will explain why.

Way back at the end of March, the Welsh Government told all holiday accommodation to close until the 26th September. This date gets reviewed every 3 weeks and announcements are made at the Welsh Government press conferences.

The only exceptions for holiday accommodation being open is when they are being used by key workers who can no longer stay in their homes. This could be due to family members being vulnerable or in the at risk category.

The date we are to remain closed for has not changed, and we have had no guidance or even hint of when we will be allowed to open. So unfortunately, we have to remain closed for the foreseeable future. Any holidays which remain booked (of which they are only two) are tentative and guests are aware that the holiday may be cancelled at short notice. These guests have kept their holiday booked as they are hoping that the restrictions will be lifted soon.

We certainly hope that they are lifted soon and we can see some happy guests again, but the important thing is to remain safe and healthy.

Gorslywd will welcome guests later

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