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A walk to the Ty Coch Inn, Porthdinllaen

A walk to the Ty Coch Inn, Porthdinllaen…

…is a must when staying at Gors-lŵyd.  The Ty Coch is located on the beach and it was even voted no.3 in the Best Beach Bars in the World! However, we think this was disappointing – it should have been no.1!
Porthdinllaen is a cove in the small village of Morfa Nefyn – about a 15 minute drive from Gors-lwyd. The walk to the pub is either via the beach or via the golf course on the headland.
There is limited parking in Morfa Nefyn except for the National Trust car park, which is located just before the golf course.
Check the tides. If the tide is very high then you need to go across the golf course to reach Porthdinllaen. Head for the golf course and follow the path. Negotiate the steps and path down the headland to the beach. The Ty Coch will be in from t of you.
If the tide is lower, or is out, there are steps down from the cliffs in front of the car park to the beach below. You can easily see if you can make it around on the beach from the vantage point in the car park. There are also excellent views from here of Yr Eifl (Gors-lwyd’s mountain) and views further up along coast.
When walking down onto the beach, turn left and follow the beach. At the first house along the beach, only at low tides can you get around on the sand, so if it is mid tide or higher you will need to walk up the slipway and across the front of the house onto a path that leads back onto the beach on the other side. After the next section of beach, you will walk around the back of the houses that are partially on stilts suspended over the water whatever the tide. This path then leads you onto the beach at Porthdinllaen.
For a longer circular walk, continue straight over this beach and in between the houses at the other end to continue following the path around the headland. This path isn’t very wide and is uneven in places. It eventually comes out on the lifeboat beach, from where you need to follow the track up behind the lifeboat station and then on through the golf course, either turning back down into the village on the concrete road or carrying on to the top of the course and the clubhouse, where the road then leads from back down to the car park. 
Always check the opening times of the Ty Coch, especially during the winter months, as certain months it’s only open at weekends. They serve good food at the Ty Coch. The menu is limited but delicious nonetheless. If you want to have lunch, aim to arrive early as sometimes they can run out of the popular meals. Oh and they don’t serve chips – just to let you know!

A view of the Ty Coch Inn, Porthdinllaen, Llyn Peninsula. Courtesy of Visit Wales

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